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EHV+ Series

The new Hitachi EHV+ CPU series is one of the first general purpose PLC's in the world based on the CoDeSys V3 runtime system. The result is an open and flexible system which is completed through utilising existing EH-150 modules.


The EH-150 Series is considered a true power pack. Based on a 32 bit-microprocessor structure, the outstanding power of the CPU and various I/O modules allow the adaption to a wide range of applications, e.g. in the packaging and food industry.


The EHV series consists of 4 powerful high-speed CPUs which are compatible with a variety of open networks through use of the onboard Ethernet interface.


The H Series is designed for plant engineering, featuring a high-performance CPU that is considered the ultimate of its class. Remarkable processing speeds of up to 0.05 µs/command allow the automation of all those tasks which a smaller PLC cannot handle.