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Remote I/O

The EH-RIO2 series of Remote I/O modules allows you the flexibility to distribute I/O throughout your application. Using EH-RIO2, you can precisely plan and expand your I/O and locate them right where they are needed: close to the sensors and actors. A proximity which pays back: By mounting I/Os in a junction box directly on or near the machine, you minimize wiring and eliminate the need for further control and cabinets. This solution benefits today’s modular production processes and is especially advantageous when upgrading centralized automation systems.

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  • Fieldbus adapters for ProfiNET, EtherCAT, Modubus TCP / RTU, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet
  • Separation of electronics module and terminal block for easy installation and maintenance
  • Spring clamp terminals on connection wiring
  • Large selection of I / O Modules
  • Super slim design 16 I / O = 12 mm
  • Standard DIN rail mounting




Fieldbus Modules


Fieldbus Modules


Model Technical Details  
RIO2-ECA EtherCAT Adapter
RIO2-DNA DeviceNet Adapter


RIO2-PNA Profinet Adapter  soon
RIO2-PBA Profibus Adapter 
RIO2-MBT Modbus TCP Ethernet Adapter
RIO2-MBR Modbus RTU RS485 Adapter




DC / AC Input Modules

Model Technical Details  
RIO2-XDP4 24VDC 4-channel sink input module
RIO2-XDP8 24VDC 8-channel sink input module
RIO2-XDP16 24VDC 16-channel sink input module, connector type
RIO2-XAH4 230VAC 4 channel Input module

DC Output Modules

Model Technical Details  
RIO2-YTP4 24VDC 4-channel source output module

RIO2-YTP8 24VDC 8-channel source output module

RIO2-YTP16 24VDC 16-channel source output module, connector type

RIO2-YTP4C 24VDC 4-channel source output module, 2A


Relay Output Module

Model Technical Details  
RIO2-YR4 24VDC-coil N.O. DPST 4 channel relay module

RIO2-YR8 24VDC-coil N.O. DPST 8 channel relay module





Analog Modules


DC Analog Input Modules


Model Technical Details  
RIO2-AX4I 4-channel 20 mA current analog input module
RIO2-AX8I 8-channel 20 mA current analog input module
RIO2-AX4V 4-channel 0-10V voltage analog input module
RIO2-AX8V 8-channel 0-10V voltage analog input module
RIO2-AX4H 4-channel -10~+10V voltage analog input module


RTD Input Modules


Model Technical Details  
RIO2-RTD2 2-channel RTD input module

RIO2-RTD4 4-channel RTD input module
RIO2-RTD8 8-channel RTD input module



Thermocouple Input Modules


Model Technical Details  
RIO2-TC2 2-channel isolated thermocouple module

RIO2-TC4 4-channel isolated thermocouple module


DC Analog Output Modules


Model Technical Details  
RIO2-AY2I 2-channel 4-20 mA current analog output module
RIO2-AY4I 4-channel 4-20 mA current analog output module
RIO2-AY2V 2-channel 0-10V voltage analog output module
RIO2-AY4V 4-channel 0-10V voltage analog output module
RIO2-AY2H 2-channel -10~+10V voltage analog output module



Special function Modules

Counter Modules

Model Technical Details  
RIO-CU24 1-channel, 2-phase counter module 24V DC, 1500kHz
RIO-CU24L 2-channel, 1-phase counter module 24V DC, 100kHz


PWM / Pulse Outlet Modules

Model Technical Details  
RIO2-PWM2 2-channel, PWM Output, 0,5A, 24VDC
RIO2-P02 2-channel, Pulse Output, 0,5A, 24VDC

Communication Modules


Model Technical Details  
RIO2-RS232 1-channel, RS232 ASCII Communication module soon
RIO2-RS485 1-channel, RS485 ASCII Communication module soon




Field Power Supply and others


Model Technical Details  
RIO2-SHD Shield Module


RIO2-0VDC Common 0V DC


RIO2-24VDC Common 24V DC soon
RIO2-0/24VDC Common 24V DC, 0V DC soon
RIO2-PSD Expansion Power supply, Input 24V DC, Output 1,0A/5V


RIO2-PS Field distributor 5V, 24V, 48V DC, 110V, 230V AC soon


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